August 24, 2012

Terms of Business/Service

These term below are legally binding and if you are not happy with them then please do not make payment for any of our services.

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See below for the Landlord P.A. specific terms of service.

The terms of service below came into effect on 01/11/18.

Scope of Service
(1) Landlord P.A. (Landlord Paralegal Assistance) is a department and brand of Woolf Brown Limited. We offer process information to help landlords understand the legalities of property management (mainly the eviction process), but are not a substitute for personal legal advice from a solicitor. By placing an order for our services you confirm that you have either sought your own legal advice or do not feel it is necessary for you to seek such advice. Any documentation prepared by our firm should be checked for accuracy, validity and correctness by you, if you are unsure please seek legal advice from your solicitor. All paperwork is completed using the information provided by you not based on assessment from our firm. It is always difficult to cover all relevant aspects of the process by telephone as each situation is dependent on the exact nature of the facts; a personal consultation with a solicitor is the only way by which an accurate analysis of individual circumstances can be made. Anybody in any capacity seeking information or guidance hereby accept without reservation or limit disclaimer, the terms and conditions herein below
(2) is a web site which offers legal process information for landlords.
(3) It also provides paid administrative service to assist landlords.
(4) By contacting Woolf Brown Limited by telephone, email or any other written or verbal form you are agreeing that no personal consultation has taken place.
(5) Use of our web site and services are subject to our own code of practice and complaint procedure
(6) Woolf Brown Limited will have an absolute right to withdraw their service at any stage and in such cases will refund all money paid by the customer.
(7) Although Woolf Brown Limited will use its best endeavors to try to provide required information and documents required to achieve the customers objectives, payment for a service does not guarantee that these objectives will always be reached.
(8) Our terms and conditions or the use of our web site are subject to change at any time without notice.
(9) Even though you may feel the information provided by Woolf Brown Limited by telephone, email or via the website may constitute legal advice, it is not, you should not rely or base any future actions without first checking that information advice is correct, up to date and applies to your specific case and you should obtaining verification on from an independent professional legal adviser as there may be certain situations where the information provided might not be relevant to your current needs. Due to the variety and complicated nature of many situations, it is recommended that a solicitor should always be seen in person.
(10) Our service and information is only intended for England and Wales.

(11) Once payment is received we commence work on the order usually within 1 working day, however this can differ based on workloads. Included in the fee you pay is an immediate £60.00 file opening fee therefore if you cancel we will always retain the first £60.00. If the value of your work paid for is less than £60.00 then we will not charge you any further we will just retain the fee paid. If any further work has been completed over and above opening a file, you will be refunded proportionally. Should you wish to cancel your order you should do so by email to
(12) You should thoroughly check our work to ensure accuracy, correctness and validity. If there are any errors it is your responsibility to inform us by email at so we can assist you to rectify this, however if the errors are due to incorrect information provided during the order process there will be a charge to re-issue the order.
(13)If there is any outstanding information on the order we will make regular attempts to contact you by email to remind you of the outstanding requirements, should we not receive a response your order will be closed after 30 days without refund to cover the cost of time taken to keep contacting you. All orders/work is usually dispatched within 5 working days after receipt of payment (and supply of all the required information and documents by the customer).
(14) In the case of documents which are dispatched directly to you we do not guarantee delivery as Royal Mail are a 3rd party business and we cannot control their services and therefore do not accept liability for lost post. If you wish to have a guaranteed delivery then please confirm this to us by email upon instruction and you will be charged the price quoted for your work to be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery (price will be weight dependent).
(15) You must either be the claimant/landlord or be duly authorised by the claimant/landlord to place any orders for our services. Depending on your proof of authorisation we may refuse to deal with any third party.

(16) We charge for our services on a fixed fee basis which you pay in advance of the work being carried out. We will not carry out any work until we receive your instruction by making payment for the required service(s).
(17) Our fees are fair and reasonable and listed as below, all fees however are subject to change at any time before you have made payment. :

  • Serve Section 21 Notice £60.00
  • Serve Section 8 Notice £78.00
  • Serve Section 48 Notice £60.00
  • Accelerated Possession Claim Packaging Option 1 £180.00  (£60 file opening, £72 document preparation, £48 document issue)
  • Accelerated Possession Claim Packaging Option 2 £210.00  (£60 file opening, £72 document preparation, £48 document issue, £30 print/pack/post)
  • Rent Arrears Possession Claim Packaging £270.00  (£60 file opening, £120 document preparation, £90 document issue)
  • Request Warrant for Possession of Land Packaging £60.00
  • Call/Letter/statement/paperwork drafting – time/complexity level 1 £30.00
  • Call/Letter/statement/paperwork drafting – time/complexity level 2 £50.00
  • Call/Letter/statement/paperwork drafting – time/complexity level 3 £80.00
  • Call/Letter/statement/paperwork drafting – time/complexity level 4 £120.00
  • Initial Possession Hearing Legal Advocate Attendance (max 15 min hearing) £180.00 (£70 preparation, £96 Advocate attendance, £14 hearing report)
  • Process Server (standard service) £108.00
  • Tenant Trace (no find no fee) £90.00

(18) Court fees are not included in any of the fixed fees quoted on this website as these are payable directly to the court by yourself

*Please note Digital Signature Authority works falls under call/Letter/statement/paperwork drafting – time/complexity level 3 £80.00.