June 19, 2015

Support Requests


What can we help with?

We assist our clients with various matters. Each of these requests are dealt with the appropriate priority. We are happy to support you even if you are not an existing client and you have engaged in the services of another firm or embarked on matters yourself but just need some extra help at a crucial point or if you just need general help to understand a particular process.

We help with many matters, but some to mention are:

  • If you have received defence paperwork from the court and don’t know what to do.
  • You want to prepare your own claim papers but need to ask some questions.
  • You have failed in some duties as a landlord and need some guidance on how to provide remedies and what the penalties are.
  • There is an ongoing dispute with the tenant and you want to understand what options you have available.
  • You have some paperwork you just don’t understand.
  • You need to be referred to an appropriate professional and want us to help find one and refer you explaining your issue to them.
  • You would like help to prepare a letter or make a phone call to a party relating to a tenancy matter.
  • You would like to understand the new requirements under the Deregulation Act 2015 which is a huge impact on the private rented sector this past year.


Each request is charged at £30.00. If your matter requires more time then multiple requests can be booked. The maximum duration of our time allocated to each support request will be 12 minutes. If for any reason we cannot help with the matter from the outset the fee would be refunded in full without delay.

Phone Support

Phone calls from us are made to you as soon as we have someone suitable free. You will find that we usually respond with a day (it is not unusual for us to call within the hour), however we have a maximum duration of 3 working days.

Administrative Support

Administrative tasks such as reviewing documents or preparing tenancy agreements are booked in for completion within a maximum of 5 working days from booking. However this will depend on the urgency, we do have a priority team so if a court hearing is within the next 48 hours for example we will of course endeavor to prioritise your work. You must understand though that sometimes it may not be possible and there are occasions when we may not be able to assist in the time you need.

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*please note the fee is £30 as stated above not £25 as stated on the form below. This is an error which is currently being rectified. You will be charged the correct amount on the next page. 

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