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Spencer v Taylor Update – Its now ‘good law’ approved by the Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court has refused the appeal of the tenant so the initial ruling is now ‘Good Law’. We are still very dubious about amending our notice as there are many circumstances in which Section 21 (4)(a) may still apply. The main issue we have to consider is that observing the Section 21 (4)(a) rules


Accelerated Possession Claim Online

We have received a number of calls recently enquiring about using the Courts Possession Claim Online (PCOL) service for accelerated possession claims. It seems there are some (quite a few actually) advisers within some local authority housing departments advising landlords to use this online system for the accelerated possession procedure to get a quick possession


14 Day Accelerated Possession Order

We seem to be coming across quite a few enquiries at the moment where Landlords have read on the internet (font of all knowledge and lots of myths) that if they use the accelerated possession route they can get a 14 day possession order – from the date they send the claim to court. I


What is a ‘suspended’ or ‘postponed’ possession order?

The court may decide that the landlord has a legal reason to evict the tenant but that it would not be fair to do so. In this situation the judge may decide to give the landlord a suspended or postponed possession order. This means that they can stay in the property as long as the


What is an outright possession order?

If an outright possession order is given the tenant will have to leave the accommodation by the date given in the order. The date is usually 14 days after the date of the court hearing. However, if they are in an exceptionally difficult situation (such as if they are ill or have very young children),